Top 3 Ultimate Guide to Interior Styles – Vintage Chic Style

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Vintage Chic Style means smart elegance and sophistication, it can look comforting, pastel, deluxe, and classic fashion.

Welcome to our Part three interior style guide on your journey to design your lovely home.

Today we cover Vintage Chic style for those who love era-inspired and cosiness appeal essence in their days.

However, keep in mind that no absolute definition can describe it as this style may look casual and subtle but it displays liveliness, the modernity of age, and energy in its own flare.

We will use our client’s profile because they desired a personalised room and a communal area to connect everything so that it all flows organically. Note that not all pictures are sample of our guide as we source and provide our pictures organically.

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3. An old soul with a contemporary thought? You can go Classic and Vintage Chic Interior Design Style.

Following the stream of Shabby Chic style, the classic vintage style commonly applies past century of furniture, art pieces, and colour palettes. 

The main objective is to recreate old-times warmth and nostalgic atmosphere, today it even combines more modern choices on a fresher take yet strives to accentuate the historical beauty.

Furniture would have a worn look, with distressed wood construction coated in polished white paint to show traces of wear and tear.

Decorations can be buttery and lavish.

You have your best chance to rock with these wall paints style:

  • Pink.
  • Sandy Beige.
  • Pale Blue.
  • White.
  • Lime Green.
  • Red.

To start with the Vintage catch by using accent pieces, strong cushion colours, and lovely quilts, you can fill decorations in all corners of your home by layering several fabrics.

Try using soft colours often as possible to keep the overall canvas clean and full of amazing energy. 

The furniture should have antique distressed wood details as well as a floral theme to highlight the retro classy look. Old could be regarded as out of fashion at times, but the old vintage style works wonders when you pursue the right way.

How do you create an Vintage chic space?

There were hype of trends over shabby chic, French-country, art deco, mid-century modern, retro, and industrial styles depending on the major macro environment focus. Let us look at the elements to rebuild what is in the past:

  • Your featuring materials: Wood in distressed or painted
  • Natural  fabrics as in wool, cotton, and linen.
  • Think heirloom characteristics pieces.
  • Make an outstanding space with wooden flooring.
  • To creates aged beauty in flaws.
  • Infuse with soft colour such as Chalky White, Nautical blue, and aforementioned.
  • Seasoned daily items, for example, wardrobe, dining tables, wooden frame seats and sofas.
  • Love to display your precious? Consider glass cabinet to highlight your silverware or collection of findings.

The intention for this home was to create a pleasant, calm environment, so we designed it with rich, gentle furniture and warm, soothing tones of cream, beige, and brown.

The customer was a large family that enjoys spending precioua s moment together in wide and spacious communal areas, but each member desired separate individualised rooms.

A beautiful home does not have to be expensive, therefore we purposefully chose a combination of high-end and more affordable quality furniture.
We wanted the master walk-in closet to be both beautiful and useful, so we incorporated a chic tiny mobile ladder to make reaching the top shelves simple.

And, obviously, outdoor space is a very necessity today so we made a point of enhancing the area by designing a patio with a calm resort ambience, along with wide sofas and ceiling fans, where you would laze the day away.

With that we cover Part Three, you are welcome to send us any question for answer by contacting us.

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Enlighten your heart with the warming space.