Top Luxury Interior Design Firms in Singapore and Malaysia

To Solidify and Breathe one’s desire into a life form. 

Nanas design has been offering luxurious interior design to household groups, investment of residential properties, and commercial building with ultra-modern results in Singapore, Malaysia, or on a global scale wherever a spark is needed from us.

Gathering the crafts from real estate to design profession of our team members, our clients know who to look for when a project is decided;

We can Get the best of every corner in your place while upholding practicality in each of your design goals. 

Having been to diverse properties and indulged in interior craft, we are gifted with the ability to be in the client’s perspective, captivating the images in your head and presenting them in actuality.

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Nanas appreciate our clients’ input in every project, it helps us to get articulation hence our team tend to be recognized for the work and capability to recreate a space that appeals with your characteristic, the voice and statement to the surrounding precisely.

By fate or chances, here we caught your attention and interest. Please be our guest to our portfolios and testimonials from Singapore, Malaysia, and all the way to Phnom Penh. 

Devoted to multinational cultures and actual artwork, we present to people the style of your design blueprint, application of the greatest sourcings and furniture, making every visit to the room always a pleasant experience, even as a day-to-day encounter; in the office.

A space that once met, lingers and sticks in somebody’s mind.

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Let’s Light-it-up, shall we? 

If you prefer and love a discussion over the aspects of your fascination, it is our honor and pleasure to do the favor.
Let us spark your dream and make it worth your time, because talk is free! 

Who knows, the next moment we realize, a masterpiece of your imagination is born.
Our satisfaction and momentum for ambitious businesses is boundless, providing clients’ extreme satisfaction and advantage to be with us.