Top Ideas on Modern Luxury Interior Design Home in Singapore

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Are you constantly out looking for Luxury home renovation, the reality is, a lot of us do?

Everyone wants a Luxury Living Room to connect the Mind and Soul.
Continue reading as we reveal the top interior design ideas for your home styling journey.

Do keep in mind your Floor plan, Fabrics, Lighting, and furniture play a significant role in modern luxury interior design.

Top Ideas on Modern Luxury Interior Design Home in Singapore | Nanas Interior Design Singapore

Turn your Landed home into Modern Condominium Space

Yes, the holding of a landed house may come with a lot of generic furnishings in a bundle that takes up space. Yet, you can still create one that levels and match your high-end private property, with just the striking colour complementation, textile builds, and sound layout.

Let us first beat the difficult corner, homeowners.

Turn Tricky Spots into your advantage

Customize the space with functional storage, either a full width standing cabinets or a lined up glass display that is shaped to fill the void of the dull corner. Because don’t forget most interior designers have their panel of unique contacts to order and design furniture you need the following specifications, colours, and fabrics to achieve and complement your favourite corner. It can be as simple as a reminder to just put up a well-thought gallery wall, How to decorate with mirrors, floating shelves, your recreation plant sightseeing, and more!

interior design hdb flat with floating shelves

interior design hdb flat with plant in the corner

Get your Statement Seat and Sofa ready

L Shape Sofa can rock the boring corner by concealing them. If your apartment lacks a proper dining area, thought of placing a round table in a corner. Put two to four chairs and form a comfortable dining corner!

A circular table is a wonderful substitute for a rectangle table when your space doesn’t quite cater to larger furniture. Plus, a tiny circular table could bring together more people than an edged shape dining table. Not to mention, the rounder table gives you the convenience in transforming of awkward spaces.

L Shaped Sofa as statement piece

Magic Away with the Roof Curtains!

Roof curtains are simple, easy solutions to make up odd sides while making the ceiling taller and windows bigger. They are also incredibly good at covering up excessive clutter. Another tip for housekeeping, opt out of the need for drapes down the floor as they collect dust and make the room looks heavy. Your custom Curtain should always leave an inch or two before it touches the floor. It is obvious detail, but it is indeed a quick design style reminder that makes the whole living room sensible.

Curtain that conceals bad corner

Make that your designated Mini office corner

Well why don’t we talk about having a second or casual working area when the official ones start to bore us out? Make this space your personal lounge area, best when you land it near the window, do your favourite hobby such as music, book surfing, or just chilling with your beverages.

Mini office setup at the corner