Top 5 Modern Interior Kitchen Design Ideas For Singapore Homes

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In all Singaporeans’ homes, the kitchen is the most crucial area. This is where we nourish our families, socialise with visitors, and engage the majority of our time. Your kitchen ought to be the main focus of your house. As a result, it must express your character and lifestyle.

That being said, it doesn’t suggest you need to go nuts with the colour or design features, but you can foster an environment that is unique to you. (Do not entirely recreate other’s designs, this is meant to be your daily appreciation of the design choice you make).

Let us breakdown the interior designer ideas to achieve this without spending a lot of money — here are modern interior design ideas for your kitchens:

Top 5 Modern Interior Kitchen Design Ideas For Singapore Homes | Nanas Interior Design Singapore

There are restrictions in Singapore governing your kitchen cost up to $50,000 SGD. For saving money and aiming your budget closing $30,000 SGD, you can focus and stick to non-flashy and fair colours, and meet the essential features with a proper storage room. This article will cite some of our tips and tricks to form an ideal and luxurious kitchen:

Kitchen Overhead Cabinet Storage

Having plenty of inventory cabinets over the top in the kitchen is ideal. It helps with kitchen cookware organisation, but it also offers the sense of additional space. We have gathered some daily Kitchen Cabinet Dos and Don’ts:

  • Do not store rarely used items, your daily supplies are meant to be within the reach of a hand.
  • Utensils or Cutlery should be cleared off, sharp items may fall off and cause injuries if you have elderly or kids under care.
  • Avoid cleaning items stored together with foods as artificial toxins and chemicals may leak and enter your food.

Open Shelf – Additional Versatility

Making open shelves as the foundation of space is a fantastic solution to save money. You may create a countertop off of your floor and install moving rails to extend it for more rooms.

This is not only handy, but it is so much more affordable than paying for an extra kitchen island. For instance, your extensive cooktop can store the fresh-cut and prepared seasonings and foods that are ready to cook. The worktop underneath will act as a serving table for a ready meal or vice versa.

*Portable Countertop is also an option, you could move it easily to have meals everywhere with your acquaintance.Top 5 Modern Interior Kitchen Design Ideas For Singapore Homes | Nanas Interior Design Singapore

Lighting possibility

Installing more types of light fixtures around the top allows you to manage the ambience in every encounter. A solution is to install a dimmer on your overhead lights so you may dim them to create a more romantic atmosphere or increase them to cook more efficiently when you’re running late for dinner.

If your kitchen has a lot of cupboards and worktops, make great use of lighting as an accent to appeal to a larger outlook. You can start with extra lighting within your cabinet doors, which is great for reading recipe instructions while cooking.

Paint and Wallpaper – What about the Wall, interior designer?

First thing first, your entire Paint Color, deciding one paint colour can be tough, you ought to collect samples before a final decision.
Overall, a foolproof idea is a neutral hue like White that goes with everything, or you can make a dramatic statement with a bright red colour.

Lastly, when the Paint Color fails to meet your expectation or you needed something fresh like eye candy, Wallpaper does more than lighten up your space, it works wonders as a disguise for your walls’ flaws, such as damage or stubborn stains.

As aforementioned, the simplest takeaway to a proper wallpaper is to collect samples, home it and match the colour scheme with your light fixtures and whatnot.