An Ultimate Guide to Top 3 Interior Styles – Part Two

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Giving life to a home with transformation is truly fulfilling for both your physical and emotional condition.

From our Part One Guide, we have covered the Scandivanian interior concept and guide to get newcomers in interior design to start with.
And for the enthusiast, this is Part Two for your discovery on the modern days trending interior style.

2. A Daring Character, Get Rugged and Mature Industrial Style

For someone courageous and actionable, the industrial style can be your signature option that shows robust entirety, often translated to major Singaporeans living place.

Imagine a home with crudeness appeal, the true magnificence and nature of the industrial era, rescaled with a contemporary touch.
A salute to the notable industrial era. It highlights the unrestrained application of uncovered steel with weathered wood components, often completed by exposed brick walls. The contemporary variant generally has copper-tone accents. In terms of overall sense, the industrial set is usually rustic and mature.

A noteworthy fact for industrial decor comes from modern rustic with cleaner lines to rugged vintage with detailed ornamentations. Relying on your preferences, you can opt for a more delicate, stylish look or a dimmer, relic design.

Another tip for you who intends on rocking the style: the point of this industrial style comes from history, consider a lot of weathered wood, a coverage of exposed bricks, and attractive lighting items.

The industrial decoration is vast and extensive, while you can opt for a range that matches you.
It is personal and you are the best judge of your creation.

How do you create an instant Industrial space?

Industrial architecture, with its exposed steel and rough wood, can establish visual balance. It is dynamic and composed together, bold and slick. See these vast and practical concepts you can apply to:

    • Your Foundation Color: Brown and Beige accents.
    • Apply to the floor, furnishings, lights, and accessories.
    • Exposed Wood, Cement floor or Brick wall is a great head start.
    • Leather and Pure wooden seats, sofa, and desks.
    • Avoid bright or loud carpet pieces.
    • Think Faded grey and darker shades rug.
    • Create distinction using decor items; pillows, small daily items.
    • Lighting style: Vintage or Modern structural steel.

The brief given to us by this branding company was to create a space for working,
meetings as well as serve as short-term accommodations for overseas staff.

We wanted a workspace that would allow people to chat and collaborate easily, so we designed an open concept area with bespoke desks for comfort. Sofas and communal tables gave off an easy ambience to encourage creativity, while powder-coated black steel elements give the office a cool industrial vibe.

Part Two ends here, you can discover more by getting in touch with us.

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A space that once met, lingers and sticks in somebody’s mind.