Top 3 Ultimate Guide to Interior Styles – Part One

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Giving life to a home with transformation is truly fulfilling for both your physical and emotional condition.

Everyone dreams of owning a dream house, yet is not fortunate to own his/her home. Hey! Big hands to you if you have made it to the homeowner league, it is a virtue to polish your belonging and as you are now turning your new home into a place with aesthetical style and beauty, you are doing great researching ideas online.

Seeking more bursts and charm in the core of the interior style and wanting to have all types of interior style to your home which you really admire?

Yet, still could not decide how to present your home? Then you are in the right place to get the ultimate and definitive guide to trending interior styles.

You have learned that interior styles have a wide diversity, and picking just one style amongst all can be hard. Omit your chaos as we have laid out this superior guide for you to establish ideas on the most popular and trendy interior styles. Once you understand the concept and builds, pick one that matches your desires and appetite.
And so, we shall begin, five minutes to read this guide.

1. Favour Simplicity? Get the Scandinavian minimalist style

In South-East Asia like Singapore, Malaysia, Phnom Penh, the Scandinavian minimalist style is widely accepted in people’s daily encounters. The concept and design of IKEA from Switzerland hits right on spot like love at first sight, this style is so popular all due to their contribution. 

The trademark of Scandinavian style outline the magnificence of raw simplicity and serenity, straightforward lists of furniture with the note of natural palette.
As a result, pairing up Nordic Wood with white walls can be an ideal fit for one’s classy home.

What’s even greater? You can change the ingredients of the Scandinavian style following your philosophy and preference. This explains why the Scandinavian style tends to represent versatility, practicality, and accessibility in many minds. 

Topping off such core values, the significance of natural light must be mentioned, a clean and open space, houseplants blending in the interior style as compliments to the inside living areas.

How do you create a Scandinavian living room?

Simpler than it may seem. Transforming the living is a good start, with Nordic design, as it is the heart of the home. Here are some helpful ideas and steps to get you started:

    1. Clearing the room non-essential or unused items.
    2. Paint the walls with neutral light colour.
    3. Wooden floor installation; if you can or remove carpets from wooden floors.
    4. Add a thick yet soft fabric, textured mat for that cosiness and comfortable sensation.
    5. Compliment natural fabrics to your furniture.
    6. Lighten your space with a statement pendant light.
    7. Choose minimal wood pieces to enrich the shelving.
    8. Add one or two plant pots.
    9. Take out loud designs, you may still use bold artwork on a wall with a personal touch.
    10. Use softer blue tones that contrast lighter shades.

Key Takeaway for Minimalist aesthetic

  • Laid-back design that pursues function
  • Light neutral colours
  • Muted, dim hues to recreate Nordic terrains
  • Bright spaces filled with air
  • Wood furniture and wood accents
  • Attractive, statement pendant lights
  • Multiusage and adaptable designs
  • Plush couches and tactile textiles
  • Trailing plants and lush verdure
  • Natural fabrics
  • Steel, brass, or copper accents
  • Artworks as a focus in a minimalistic space

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