Top 3 Modern Interior Design Decor Ideas to Refresh your Home

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It is a never-ending subject in modern luxury house interior design. The models are fast evolving, based on the preferences of the tenants as well as the type of region you reside. Home decor Singapore is a popular choice, as we practically find their existence in many modern homes in Singapore and globally.

So, what makes it stand out?

Minimalist and modern influences catch up, making the home appear perhaps more bright, energetic, and sleek. Anyone who desires comfort and bliss estimates this subtlety level. Here are some home décor ideas, something you might use in your home or office:

Top 3 Modern Interior Design Decor Ideas to Refresh your Home | Nanas Interior Design Singapore

The Mezzanine Concept maximizes your Square Footage (sq. ft.)

A mezzanine is a Loft or sub-floor that bridges two main levels of a building, whereas a balcony is an extended structure that projects from the building. A mezzanine is created for extra space within a home area, whereas a balcony is intended to look over another area.

  • Modern days apartment and studio in Singapore along with Worldwide Designers preach the idea of an additional floor in the same Level.
  • This is a space-saving concept in which a new space is formed between the ceiling and the floor.
    It does not appear to be a multi-storey house from the outside, yet your house will feature two open levels connected by stairs.
  • Delicate moment formed within.

Luxury Interior Design with Paints and Pastel Furniture

The pastel interior colours, from paint to furniture pieces, are the most significant element of a Singaporean modern home. This doesn’t really suggest that everything must be brightly coloured to express a state of calm and lightness. You can still use bright colours like red, yellow, and blue, and your statement colours.

The recommendations of the Nanas Design team will bring out the pastel colour combination charm and modernity, matching the minimalist style with the application of home décor accessories Singapore, we can be sure the reign of pastel colours in interior design is widespread in flats and housing projects in suburban sectors.

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A Lively Element to Strengthen Lines and Boundaries

With black steel or dark paint, you can qualify fine lines to accentuate the house appeal. Its industrialist-inspired style will make a strong statement in the area that is filled with bright pastel colours.

You know the drill with Black colour, a yellow vase, painting or any decoration piece to stimulate the contrast!

Add a Creative Touch to the Wall

Unleash your personality on the wall in your modern minimalist home by incorporating a collection of handpicked artworks. It could be a painting, a mural, a portrait, or other Home Decor Items.
You can now even work with Nanas Design to make a Custom Request for an end product that is one great match for your style.