That Extra Touch | Nanas Interior Design Singapore


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Author and activist Helen Keller once said: “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” And that is true in so many areas in life. And it is also a philosophy that multidisciplinary interior firm Nanas Design firmly believes in. With a thoughtful approach and keen eye for details, the team often collaborates with the best in the industry to create the most amazing spaces for their clients.

“Collaboration is very important to us and it is the best way to bring our clients’ visions to life,” states Mariko Konno, Director of Nanas Design. “While we are very selective, we are also always looking out for new partners as we have such a wide variety of projects that require different experts. But the three areas that are of the highest importance to us are colour and texture, quality and last but not least, impact. We want our clients to experience that wow-factor that just takes their breath away when they first enter a room or building.”
When it comes to colour and texture, Nanas Design’s go-to is tailored curtains and rugs company Aratamete. At the very heart of design is how something looks and feels, as they are two of our strongest senses. Colour can immediately create a mood, while textures and fabrics set the scene.

“We have clients from around the world with many different preferences. This means that whoever we work with has to have a very wide variety of products, which is why we love using Aratamete,” says Mariko. “They not only have the best fabrics, but also have something for everyone. And the colours and textures of their products are just so lush and vibrant that you can’t help basking in their warmth.”

Quality is something that the Nanas Design team will never compromise on. Everything they use and pick has to be of the highest standard, which is why Japanese interior hardware boutique Kawajun is another of their favourite collaborators. Known for anticipating their customer needs, every item is the perfect marriage between form and function.
“If anyone has seen or used Kawajun’s products, they’ll immediately know why they are one of our preferred vendors,” exclaims Mariko. “They are elegant yet subtle, but the beauty is in their simplicity and calibre. You can spot a Kawajun product the moment you see it!”

Nanas Design is also known for their ability to create an entire, holistic experience that transforms a simple space into an environment that people just want to live and be in. And one of the ways to create this immediate impact is with the use of flowers and nature, which is why another of their frequent collaborators is Dan Takeda Flower & Design.
“Flowers immediately elevate a space. Whenever we handover a project to a client, we always make sure to have Dan Takeda’s creations as a finishing touch,” shares Mariko. “In fact, we love his creations so much we will often recommend our clients to continue with a regular subscription to not only perfect the entire experience but also help to elevate their daily life.”