Plaza Singapura

The client, a Japanese shoe store, prides itself on offering high-quality, affordable shoes made in Japan. Their dedication to sustainability and using animal-free, low-maintenance microfiber materials sourced from Japan is not only environmentally conscious but also supports the struggling Japanese shoe industry. The store aims to create a feminine and welcoming atmosphere that encourages customers to feel at ease and spend time relaxing. The design concept, inspired by the tale of Hansel and Gretel "finding something in the woods," manifests a clean and inviting environment. Predominantly featuring wood and white elements, the design incorporates a green color to infuse a sense of comfort and freshness. To enhance the relaxed ambiance, wall and pendant lights illuminate every shelving unit, highlighting the array of shoes on display. The overall atmosphere is both feminine and welcoming, in alignment with the client's vision. The facade stands out with a unique arch lattice design on the doors, adding a touch of distinctiveness and charm. This Japanese shoe store strives to not only provide high-quality, affordable footwear but also to create an inviting and comforting space for customers to explore and relax while supporting Japan's diminishing shoe-making industry.