Phoenix Garden

Catering to the unique needs of a family of seven with two helpers presented an exciting challenge, considering the diverse requirements of each member. The husband's ardent support for the LFC football team inspired the creation of a dedicated lounge on the attic floor, mirroring the ambiance of the Anfield lounge. Valuing quality time together, the family sought open and spacious common areas while still desiring private and personalized rooms for individual members. Undertaking major alterations and additions, our customary turnkey approach pivoted to focus on comprehensive storage solutions, allowing the family to take charge of furniture and styling personally. This project prioritized the creation of a black canvas for the family to customize post-move-in. The design aimed to establish a welcoming and serene atmosphere, featuring lush, soft, and warm tones of cream, beige, and browns, accentuated by soothing touches of green. Unique floor materials and thoughtful details were integrated to enhance the overall uniqueness of the spaces, ensuring a harmonious blend of functionality and personal expression.