Phoenix Garden

For this home, the aim was to create a welcoming, serene atmosphere, which was why we designed it with lush, soft furniture and warm, soothing shades of cream, beige and browns. The client was a large family that loves to spend quality time together at common areas which are open and spacious, but each member still wanted to retain private, personalised rooms. A beautiful house doesn’t need to break the bank, so we intentionally used a mix of high-end with more cost-effective quality furniture. We wanted the master walk-in wardrobe to not only be beautiful but also functional, so we added a chic little movable ladder to make it easier to reach high shelves. And of course, outdoor space is especially such a luxury to have today, so we made sure to accentuate the space by creating a patio with a relaxing resort vibe filled with large sofas and ceiling fans that you can lounge the day away in.