Pasir Ris Road

The client, serving as the Director of a public listed company and a devoted mother of two, envisioned a home that seamlessly blended family comfort with the capability to host and entertain VVIPs. A key feature of the design approach was the incorporation of custom, one-of-a-kind pieces, ensuring a unique and exclusive ambiance in each space. The living area exuded a light, spacious, and inviting atmosphere, creating a haven for family members to unwind and relax. The inclusion of a specially ordered wine cellar at the bar area reflected the home's dual purpose of familial warmth and high-profile hosting. The master bedroom adopted a sensual aesthetic, featuring rich brown and beige tones accentuated by a deep red, creating a sophisticated and intimate retreat. This design concept aimed to provide a versatile and dynamic living experience, catering to both the personal needs of the family and the demands of hosting esteemed guests.