Nanas Design Office

Nanas Design, a versatile and multidisciplinary interior design firm, recently embarked on a new venture by establishing its own office space. The primary objective was to craft an environment that not only served as a functional workspace but also doubled as a showcase for the diverse array of products offered by their vendors. Emphasising the importance of ample natural light, the design team prioritised creating a well-lit atmosphere to enhance productivity and foster a positive work environment. Opting for an open-plan layout was a deliberate choice, aimed at providing flexibility and allowing clients to immerse themselves in the spatial experience. The design concept also embraced a soothing color palette, meticulously selected to highlight the nuances of lighting and contribute to an overall calming ambiance. Capitalising on high ceilings, the office space was envisioned to reflect Nanas Design's distinctive approach to design—thorough, warm, and all-encompassing. This thoughtful integration of elements aimed to not only embody the company's ethos but also provide a welcoming and inspiring setting for both the team and clients alike.