Berrima Road

The family of five, along with their helpers, has recently settled into their new three-level landed house. Their design vision embraces elements from their previous condo unit, particularly drawing inspiration from Balinese styles that resonate with their tastes. Each child is slated to have their own personalised room, reflecting their individual preferences and interests. The overarching design concept focuses on incorporating natural elements like wood and interior plants to cultivate a harmonious and welcoming ambiance throughout the home. To infuse the space with a sense of personalisation, custom furniture pieces are being meticulously crafted to align with the family's unique needs and aesthetic preferences. Furthermore, a whimsical design approach is being embraced to craft imaginative and captivating environments tailored specifically for the children's rooms. In addition to this, the design plan encompasses the careful selection of decor and artworks to enrich the visual appeal of the home and reflect the family's distinct style and personality.