Asimont Villas

A couple, accompanied by their child and four small dogs, have recently moved into a spacious townhouse. Their design requirements included designated spaces for a master bedroom, a children's room, and a study room. Preferring a minimal and stylish aesthetic, they opted for a monochromatic palette throughout their home, aiming for a modern, fresh look. All furnishings were chosen to complement this theme, adhering to monochrome and neutral colours to maintain cohesion and simplicity. When designing their daughter's room, the couple considered the potential evolution of her tastes over time. To ensure versatility, the furniture was selected in neutral tones, allowing for easy adaptation to changing preferences. However, a subtle hint of pink was incorporated to provide a personalised touch, adding a dash of warmth and individuality to the space. This thoughtful approach ensured that their daughter's room remains both timeless and adaptable to her evolving style preferences.