PERFECT Harmony | Nanas Interior Design Singapore


(Text from image above)Conducting a style symphony with elegant design, luxurious materials, and muted colours is what Nanas Design does best. Julia Millen spoke to founder Mariko KonnoWith many years of experience in interior design and real estate, Mariko Konno is well equipped to design inspirational spaces. Growing up both in Japan and Malaysia, the aesthetic she brings to her design is an amalgamation of ethnicities and sensibilities with influences from both East and West. Mariko reflects: “It’s a style that we’ve found to be ideally suited to our international, often multinational, clients and their eclectic tastes. It also allows us to remain current in a cosmopolitan market.” The company’s aim is to create timeless yet modern interiors that provide clients with a sense of well-being and comfort. As such, the design team believe that the environment we all inhabit should not only reflect our personality but also our lifestyle. This is achieved by balancing tradition with whimsy and colour, to provide clients with a space that they’ll enjoy spending time in.

Based in Singapore and working on projects across Asia, Nanas Design is an award winning, multidisciplinary firm that provides a variety of services to property developers, private residential owners and commercial clients. Their thoughtful, holistic approach, incorporates simple sophistication in every space. “It’s essential to us that our clients’ vision and aspirations are materialised, and that the environment reflects their needs and lifestyle adds Mariko. ND’s projects range from ground up construction to smaller room makeovers and renovations, overseeing all components from initial design to final execution, including, drafting plans, project managing and creating bespoke furniture. Mariko and her team, believe in delivering quality interiors that clients can live, work and make wonderful memories in; a thoughtfull approach to every design with an eye for detail and a practical problem-solving mind-set.