Our Awards and People in Nanas Design 2021-2023

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A little Recognition goes a Long Way

Cruising through 25 years and sailing in the real estate and interior design industry, our team designs to realise our clients’ characters, meanwhile drawing from our professional skill sets.

Our aesthetic influence is a fusion of ethnicities and sensibilities from both East and West.
It is found to be well suited to our international, often multinational clients and their eclectic appetite, which allows us to remain current in a cosmopolitan market.

Being solution-oriented, you will find us with an enormous variety of stylish resources for every design need.

From residential organisation to home makeovers, large-scale commercial remodelling to bespoke items. 

In truth, it fulfilled our tribute for winning several accolades from the Asia Pacific Property Awards.

Our Awards and People in Nanas Design 2021-2023 | Nanas Interior Design Singapore

Asia Pacific Property Awards Interior Design 2021-2022

Our Awards and People in Nanas Design 2021-2023 | Nanas Interior Design SingaporeMariko Korno 

Growing up in Tokyo and Kuala Lumpur manifested Mariko to a cultural variety since youth. Flitting between the two capital cities before settling in Singapore in 2013, Mariko realised her gift of talented sense came naturally, creating a space that felt intimate and personal. 

With real estate sparks, Mariko is well acquainted with locating every other dream property, and it is her deep-rooted power to harmonise a household that has made her a favourite among her clients.

Today, she has excelled in her expertise by working with both residential and commercial clients to transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary atmospheres.

Her signature attention to detail, multicultural reference points and adventurous use of colour and texture are hallmarks of her identity.


Our Awards and People in Nanas Design 2021-2023 | Nanas Interior Design Singapore

Saki Funayama Hirashima

As a succeeding project manager for one of the largest interior design and construction companies in Japan, Saki has operated for clients across the luxury F&B and retail sectors, all from private residential projects to large commercial spaces.

Her flair focuses primarily on design, yet she is driven by spaces and construing new methods to communicate their purpose.
Saki is intrigued by form and loves working with natural materials.

She is a firm believer in the concept of Kaizen, a Japanese philosophy that means to change for the better, or ‘continuous improvements’.
This ensures that her designs are always of the highest level and quality.

Eye for details and a practical problem-solving mindset.

Let’s Light-it-up, shall we? 

If you prefer and love a discussion over the aspects of your fascination, let us spark your dream and make it worth your time because talk is free! 

The moment we notice, a masterpiece of your imagination is born.

Our energy and momentum for ambitious businesses are boundless, providing clients’ extreme satisfaction and advantage working with us.

We specialise in delivering high-end, amazing luxury interiors for homes & commercial spaces.

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