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Our goal is simple: to push the potential of any space, be it a family home, investment property or commercial building

Our services range from interior design, sourcing furniture and accessories, selection of materials and finishes, space planning, project management and collaboration with architects, contractors and tradespeople.

To us, every project is unique, which can be tricky at times. But we believe accepting assignments that we are genuinely passionate about will push us even further.

If you’d like to learn more, please contact us at mariko@nanas.design and we can begin  to discuss your upcoming design project and figure out the process of creating your dream space.

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Our goal is to realize the potential of any space, be it a family home, investment property or commercial building

We provide a full range of services from interior design, sourcing of furniture and accessories, selection of materials and finishes, space planning, project management and collaboration with architects, contractors and tradespeople.

To us, no two projects will ever be quite the same, and we believe in only accepting assignments that we are genuinely passionate about.

To learn more, please contact us at mariko@nanas.design to discuss your upcoming design project and begin the process of transforming and personalising your space.

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Cuscaden Reserve | Nanas Interior Design Singapore

Recently settling into a new apartment, our clients—a couple—focused on seamlessly integrating their existing furniture into their living space. The goal was to cultivate a harmonious and cosy atmosphere by blending familiar furnishings with strategic new additions. The design approach aimed to preserve comfort and familiarity while enhancing both functionality and aesthetic appeal. By strategically placing and complementing their existing furniture with new pieces, we achieved a balanced and personalized interior that reflects their unique style preferences and practical needs. This thoughtful approach resulted in a welcoming and functional living environment where their existing furniture seamlessly coexists with new elements, ensuring a cohesive and satisfying transition into their new residence.

Starlight Suites | Nanas Interior Design Singapore

A young couple, together with their little fur baby, made the paramount decision to transform their apartment from a dark and cramped space into a modern, open, and inviting sanctuary. Their goal was to create a bright and airy atmosphere that resonated with their contemporary tastes and lifestyle preferences. The existing decor, dominated by dark tones, fell short of their vision, prompting a thorough renovation. The design strategy capitalised on the apartment's abundant natural light and expansive windows. Choosing materials and furnishings in light neutral tones—such as soft whites, soothing beiges, and subtle grays—helped to cultivate an open and spacious feel throughout the home. To infuse the space with personality and vibrancy, strategic accents of color were introduced through carefully curated decor and art pieces, ensuring visual interest and a dynamic aesthetic. Given the apartment's lofty ceilings, attention-grabbing pendant lights were selected to serve as focal points. These fixtures not only illuminated the space effectively but also emphasised the verticality of the rooms, adding a touch of sophistication. Complementing this design, cosy furniture pieces like plush sofas, soft area rugs, and inviting seating areas were incorporated to enhance comfort and create an inviting ambiance. The comprehensive renovation resulted in a stylish and comfortable home that perfectly reflects the couple's desire for a bright and refreshing living environment, blending modern aesthetics with functional comfort.

Asimont Villas | Nanas Interior Design Singapore

A couple, accompanied by their child and four small dogs, have recently moved into a spacious townhouse. Their design requirements included designated spaces for a master bedroom, a children's room, and a study room. Preferring a minimal and stylish aesthetic, they opted for a monochromatic palette throughout their home, aiming for a modern, fresh look. All furnishings were chosen to complement this theme, adhering to monochrome and neutral colours to maintain cohesion and simplicity. When designing their daughter's room, the couple considered the potential evolution of her tastes over time. To ensure versatility, the furniture was selected in neutral tones, allowing for easy adaptation to changing preferences. However, a subtle hint of pink was incorporated to provide a personalised touch, adding a dash of warmth and individuality to the space. This thoughtful approach ensured that their daughter's room remains both timeless and adaptable to her evolving style preferences.

Berrima Road | Nanas Interior Design Singapore

The family of five, along with their helpers, has recently settled into their new three-level landed house. Their design vision embraces elements from their previous condo unit, particularly drawing inspiration from Balinese styles that resonate with their tastes. Each child is slated to have their own personalised room, reflecting their individual preferences and interests. The overarching design concept focuses on incorporating natural elements like wood and interior plants to cultivate a harmonious and welcoming ambiance throughout the home. To infuse the space with a sense of personalisation, custom furniture pieces are being meticulously crafted to align with the family's unique needs and aesthetic preferences. Furthermore, a whimsical design approach is being embraced to craft imaginative and captivating environments tailored specifically for the children's rooms. In addition to this, the design plan encompasses the careful selection of decor and artworks to enrich the visual appeal of the home and reflect the family's distinct style and personality.

Leedon Residence | Nanas Interior Design Singapore

A family of six with a toddler is our client who faces the challenge of renting a home where the landlord prohibits hanging items on the walls. Despite this limitation, the design brief includes specific requirements such as separate bedrooms for the parents and children, as well as dedicated study areas for the kids. Additionally, the space must accommodate a baby cot while maintaining a warm and cosy atmosphere throughout the home. In the living room, the goal is to evoke the ambiance of a classic library or bookstore, combining sophistication with comfort. Taking into account the wife's preference for European brands, the design direction leans towards a classic and elegant aesthetic. Wood tones and neutral shades form the foundation of the color palette, with a subtle yet impactful pop of blue added to infuse vibrancy into the space. This careful balance of elements creates a harmonious blend of sophistication and warmth, ensuring that the family's home is not only visually appealing but also functional and inviting for all members.

Crescendo Park | Nanas Interior Design Singapore

The client, a mother to a vibrant 6-year-old and a fashion enthusiast, embarked on a home transformation project for her old apartment. With a passion for fashion, she sought to dedicate a room solely to house her wardrobe, reflecting her distinctive style. The initial ambiance of the apartment was notably dark, prompting a comprehensive overhaul to infuse the space with new life. This involved a complete replacement of kitchen and toilet fittings, introducing modern elements to rejuvenate the overall aesthetic. The primary design challenge was to counteract the existing darkness and ingeniously enhance the natural light within the space. Strategic use of elements and clever design interventions were employed to create a light and bright atmosphere, ensuring that the revamped apartment aligned with the client's vision of a fresh, stylish, and luminous living environment.

Nanas Design Office | Nanas Interior Design Singapore

Nanas Design, a versatile and multidisciplinary interior design firm, recently embarked on a new venture by establishing its own office space. The primary objective was to craft an environment that not only served as a functional workspace but also doubled as a showcase for the diverse array of products offered by their vendors. Emphasising the importance of ample natural light, the design team prioritised creating a well-lit atmosphere to enhance productivity and foster a positive work environment. Opting for an open-plan layout was a deliberate choice, aimed at providing flexibility and allowing clients to immerse themselves in the spatial experience. The design concept also embraced a soothing color palette, meticulously selected to highlight the nuances of lighting and contribute to an overall calming ambiance. Capitalising on high ceilings, the office space was envisioned to reflect Nanas Design's distinctive approach to design—thorough, warm, and all-encompassing. This thoughtful integration of elements aimed to not only embody the company's ethos but also provide a welcoming and inspiring setting for both the team and clients alike.

Pasir Ris Road | Nanas Interior Design Singapore

The client, serving as the Director of a public listed company and a devoted mother of two, envisioned a home that seamlessly blended family comfort with the capability to host and entertain VVIPs. A key feature of the design approach was the incorporation of custom, one-of-a-kind pieces, ensuring a unique and exclusive ambiance in each space. The living area exuded a light, spacious, and inviting atmosphere, creating a haven for family members to unwind and relax. The inclusion of a specially ordered wine cellar at the bar area reflected the home's dual purpose of familial warmth and high-profile hosting. The master bedroom adopted a sensual aesthetic, featuring rich brown and beige tones accentuated by a deep red, creating a sophisticated and intimate retreat. This design concept aimed to provide a versatile and dynamic living experience, catering to both the personal needs of the family and the demands of hosting esteemed guests.

Sukiyaki Yotaro | Nanas Interior Design Singapore

This project involves creating a unique Sukiyaki and Shabu-Shabu restaurant that combines traditional Japanese cuisine with modern sophistication. The design incorporates warm wood tones and traditional Japanese patterns to evoke an authentic ambiance. The restaurant's entrance is both traditional and inviting, featuring the restaurant's name and a family crest. One of the unique aspects of the restaurant is the integration of classic Singaporean shophouse beams into traditional Japanese architecture, creating a distinctive space. The interior design uses soothing traditional asahanada shades, blending them with warm wood and soft wall colors. The overall theme of the restaurant is centered on a nostalgic, authentic, and feel-good vibe, offering patrons an unforgettable dining experience that marries tradition with contemporary style.

Oxley Road | Nanas Interior Design Singapore

Catering to the needs of a young family with two children, our design approach centered on creating a safe and personalised space for everyone. The wife desired a second living area, the kids wished for a dedicated playroom, and the husband needed a functional office space, and the basement earmarked for entertainment. The family's taste leaned towards an elegant yet playful design, with a preference for a touch of floral aesthetics. Considering the limitations of a rental property, we opted for bold wallpaper choices to inject impact and visual interest without making structural changes. Custom pieces, such as a versatile dining table, were incorporated to add a personalised touch and address the mobility needs of the family, allowing them to take along cherished elements when the time comes for a change. This design aimed to strike a balance between functionality, safety, and aesthetic preferences, creating a harmonious and tailored living environment for the entire family.

The Gateway Office | Nanas Interior Design Singapore

The aluminium smelter company's office interior design takes inspiration from their logo's graceful arches, emphasising rounded-edge corners. This modern office interior design theme exudes a cosmopolitan industrial ambiance, skillfully achieved through the choice of concrete-look flooring and light wood materials. The office is thoughtfully segmented into distinct zones to ensure an optimal balance between flow and privacy, showcasing innovative office interior design ideas. The louvered lounge area serves as a welcoming space for both meetings and casual interactions, maintaining privacy with vertical louvered dividers while incorporating touches of toffee leather for a touch of luxury and warmth. This design expertly blends openness and privacy, resulting in a visually striking office space interior design that embodies modern aesthetics, corporate identity, and a cosmopolitan charm that reflects the essence of the Indonesian trading company, illustrating creative office interior design concepts.

Paragon Medical | Nanas Interior Design Singapore

An orthopaedic surgeon sought a clinic design with two consultation rooms, prioritising natural light and patient comfort. The design focused on bold, unconventional aesthetics and the Japanese concept of "Arinomama." The clinic featured clean white walls, a soothing light blue ceiling, and a striking blend of carpet and wood tiles on the floors. The clinic's logo colors were seamlessly integrated, and a lively orange accent was added. LED lighting was incorporated into the carpentry, ensuring a functional yet visually appealing and welcoming medical space for patients.

Plaza Singapura | Nanas Interior Design Singapore

The client, a Japanese shoe store, prides itself on offering high-quality, affordable shoes made in Japan. Their dedication to sustainability and using animal-free, low-maintenance microfiber materials sourced from Japan is not only environmentally conscious but also supports the struggling Japanese shoe industry. The store aims to create a feminine and welcoming atmosphere that encourages customers to feel at ease and spend time relaxing. The design concept, inspired by the tale of Hansel and Gretel "finding something in the woods," manifests a clean and inviting environment. Predominantly featuring wood and white elements, the design incorporates a green color to infuse a sense of comfort and freshness. To enhance the relaxed ambiance, wall and pendant lights illuminate every shelving unit, highlighting the array of shoes on display. The overall atmosphere is both feminine and welcoming, in alignment with the client's vision. The facade stands out with a unique arch lattice design on the doors, adding a touch of distinctiveness and charm. This Japanese shoe store strives to not only provide high-quality, affordable footwear but also to create an inviting and comforting space for customers to explore and relax while supporting Japan's diminishing shoe-making industry.

Mount Alvernia Hospital | Nanas Interior Design Singapore

Transforming a shared clinic space utilised by four doctors, the focus of the renovation was on revitalising the consultation rooms and invigorating the reception area. The primary goal was to cultivate a clean and calm ambiance conducive to healing. To achieve this, a strategic shift was made in the choice of materials, transitioning the existing cabinet materials to lighter shades, introducing a sense of freshness and luminosity to the space. Simultaneously, the flooring underwent a transformation, now featuring a soft and lighter material that not only enhanced the overall aesthetics but also contributed to a serene and welcoming atmosphere. The comprehensive approach to the clinic's redesign aimed to create an environment that not only meets the functional requirements of medical practitioners but also prioritises the well-being and comfort of patients in a bright, soothing, and refreshed setting.

The Whitley Residences | Nanas Interior Design Singapore

A family of three, with occasional visits from a mother and mother-in-law, aimed to transform their four-story residence into a haven of modern luxury interior with an elegant touch. The central theme sought a balance between the profound and weighty ambiance reminiscent of high-end hotels while maintaining a personal, welcoming atmosphere. Customised, bespoke pieces were introduced to add a sense of luxury, alongside the use of timeless marble materials. An eye-catching decor piece outside the home set the stage for the modern luxury interior within. Indirect lighting was thoughtfully employed to enhance sophistication and cast a soft, welcoming glow throughout, crafting a space that seamlessly blended modern opulence with a warm and inviting environment.

Japanese BBQ Restaurant | Nanas Interior Design Singapore

Gyukaku, the well-established Japanese BBQ restaurant in Singapore with a long history and 20 outlets, sought a renovation with two primary goals. Firstly, to increase visibility and attract more walk-in customers, they aimed to create an impactful façade. Secondly, they wanted to diversify their customer base by designing an atmosphere that appeals to both Japanese and Western diners. The design concept aimed to maintain the brand identity while introducing new elements, creating a unique and immersive dining experience. It incorporated high ceilings, celebrated the brand's KAKU elements, and blended Japanese and Western styles. The base color, inspired by charcoal, added a refreshing touch to the ambiance, ensuring Gyukaku's continued success and distinctiveness

Martin Modern | Nanas Interior Design Singapore

Designing for a family of four with young children necessitated a thoughtful approach, considering the evolving needs of a growing family. The emphasis on flexibility and the potential for future expansion and alterations underscored the design process. Aligning with the preference for high brightness commonly found in Japanese households, the design aimed to maximise natural light to create an airy and open atmosphere. Given the modest size of the living and dining spaces, and the family's inclination to spend significant time at home, the design leaned towards minimalism and spaciousness. Special attention was directed towards the balcony, transitioning it into a more mature and adult-friendly space, recognising that the children rarely ventured there. The overall design sought to harmonise functionality with an aesthetic that accommodates both the present and future needs of the family, fostering a comfortable and adaptable living environment.

Boulevard Residence - An Interior Design Project by Nanas Design Singapore

Some clients come to us and ask to work on their existing house they live in. For this project, we added some magical furniture by our trusted carpenter. The dining table with warm hues of oak with curvy lines and odd legs is an unforgettable creation we made. At Nanas Design we love to collaborate with client's collection of art.

Traders' Office - An Interior Design Project by Nanas Design Singapore

Client is an Indonesian trading company specialised in metal. They have been growing exponentially, and was in urgent need to relocate to house their new team members. 3 areas were required - 1. the visitor component for meeting rooms and VIP area, 2. the executive office component for the CEO and CMO and top traders rooms, and 3. the staff room, which must have an open workspace with a meeting room and a break room. The staff are young and vibrant, and they expect to have guests frequently so the meeting rooms and VIP rooms should have a sense of luxury and solidity. We took care to mix the youthfulness and luxury together to make it their own.

Ardmore Residences III - An Interior Design Project by Nanas Design Singapore

A quick and refreshing update for a family of 3 to provide a space to expand their imagination, spark ideas and boost creativity. Living in Singapore, far away from home, they wanted decoration which reminded them of colourful San Fransisco. Huge, vivid and impactful painting is installed along with wallpaper with unforgettable design. This project is a reminder that small but meaningful touches go a long way.

Ardmore Residences II - An Interior Design Project by Nanas Design Singapore

Full turnkey service at a luxurious 4 room floorplan in Orchard, Singapore for a young, eccentric and entrepreneurial couple. Having moved from Indonesia recently and predominantly looking after businesses from home, the brief was to create a home that is like a magazine feature like yet homely. Light and airy colours in fabrics & finishes were selected, and luxurioous material palette was used to create a number of custom furniture pieces for their new home. Numerous decor pieces were procured from across the world to embellish the space as the influencers themselves are art collectors.

313 Somerset - An Interior Design Project by Nanas Design Singapore

Having previously been awarded with Best Retail Interior Singapore for their store in Kampong Bahru, The Ice Cream Bar opens its second store in the prominent shopping centre in 313 Somerset on Orchard Road. With its playful arched structures and warmer colour palette, the store looks cosy and inviting to their target audience. The unit is only 454 square feet, therefore maximising the floorplate was one of the top design priorities. We adjusted to the millimetres to get the right operational as well as experiential space.

Gleneagles Hospital | Nanas Interior Design Singapore

Inspired by Dr. Harish Mithiran's commitment to minimally-invasive and robotic thoracic surgery, non-intrusive designs and elements were selected to respect his ethos. Offering latest technology thoracic surgery services at Gleneagles Hospital on a street-level with a lot of visibility, NEUMARK clinic is automatically exposed to a lot of patients visiting the hospital. We ensured it is pleasing to look into the clinic from every angle, but at the same time this became a design challenge to create sufficient consultation and storage areas that needed to be closed off. Hence, a wall that features a huge double opening sliding doors was introduced, inviting a full circle visual journey back to the reception counter which is adorned by Louis Poulsen snowball pendant light. Setting the ambiance for healing and latest technology, the tonal palette included soft grey and racing green.

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At the beginning of every project we like to understand our clients’ intentions, passions and requirements, often filling in gaps that they might not have been aware of and bringing to the table ideas that they may not have considered. It is through this free flowing dialogue that we are better able to understand our clients’ vision and ultimately translate it into beautiful design.

Luxury Interior designer Director

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At the beginning of every project we like to understand our clients’ intentions, passions and requirements, often filling in gaps that they might not have been aware of and bringing to the table ideas that they may not have considered. It is through this free flowing dialogue that we are better able to understand our clients’ vision and ultimately translate it into beautiful design.

Luxury Interior designer Director