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Our goal is simple: to push the potential of any space, be it a family home, investment property or commercial building

Our services range from interior design, sourcing furniture and accessories, selection of materials and finishes, space planning, project management and collaboration with architects, contractors and tradespeople.

To us, every project is unique, which can be tricky at times. But we believe accepting assignments that we are genuinely passionate about will push us even further.

If you’d like to learn more, please contact us at mariko@nanas.design and we can begin  to discuss your upcoming design project and figure out the process of creating your dream space.

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Our goal is to realize the potential of any space, be it a family home, investment property or commercial building

We provide a full range of services from interior design, sourcing of furniture and accessories, selection of materials and finishes, space planning, project management and collaboration with architects, contractors and tradespeople.

To us, no two projects will ever be quite the same, and we believe in only accepting assignments that we are genuinely passionate about.

To learn more, please contact us at mariko@nanas.design to discuss your upcoming design project and begin the process of transforming and personalising your space.

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Ardmore Residences 1

We wanted to create a space that was both artistic yet liveable and child-friendly. To achieve that, we made the art pieces the protagonists of the home while keeping the rest of the interior classic and comfortable. The furnishing, furniture and cabinetry were all custom-made to meet the clients' requirement, ensuring the quality would be of the highest standard. To further elevate the apartment, we created personalised towels, linens and wine glasses, while also adding little extra touches from European brands like Minotti, Hermes and B&B Italia.

Luxury Interior Design Kampong Baru 49

When designing and building this ice cream bar in the lovely neighbourhood of Kampung Bahru, we set out to include elements that reflected the old world charm of the area. As a nod to the Straits-Chinese heritage exteriors of the shop houses with arched windows and wooden louvered shutters, we incorporated dark woods and warm browns to the interiors. Art deco elements and a custom neon light featuring the brand’s logo help to give the space a modern touch.

Blog - Phoenix Garden 1

For this home, the aim was to create a welcoming, serene atmosphere, which was why we designed it with lush, soft furniture and warm, soothing shades of cream, beige and browns. The client was a large family that loves to spend quality time together at common areas which are open and spacious, but each member still wanted to retain private, personalised rooms. A beautiful house doesn’t need to break the bank, so we intentionally used a mix of high-end with more cost-effective quality furniture. We wanted the master walk-in wardrobe to not only be beautiful but also functional, so we added a chic little movable ladder to make it easier to reach high shelves. And of course, outdoor space is especially such a luxury to have today, so we made sure to accentuate the space by creating a patio with a relaxing resort vibe filled with large sofas and ceiling fans that you can lounge the day away in.

luxury interior design 1 - Omakase

We were tasked to upgrade this exclusive restaurant to create a more authentic, warm and welcoming atmosphere that visitors can enjoy spending time in. We commissioned a custom board that artistically hides the existing glass panel (that reveals the inside of the busy kitchen), and added various handmade Japanese-inspired decorations and art pieces. Light fixtures were added to create bright yet warm surroundings to enhance the whole dining experience.


We were tasked to design a home that would fit a family of six while still giving each individual their personal space. As the client had grown up in the home and wanted to keep some of its history, we created louvre windows at the front and back of this terrace house. This not only creates a sense of nostalgia, but also allows you to control the amount of natural light and ventilation you would like to let in. We used a lot of woods in this home to pull it together, while also adding personalised details and colours everywhere so every room would feel tailor-made.

luxury interior design 8 - VIP Lounge

It was really fun designing this ultra exclusive private lounge at the top floor of a hotel. Meant to host various private entertainments like dinners or karaoke nights, we knew everything had to be luxurious, made of the highest quality but still comfortable. We chose a neutral yet classic palette of whites and dark browns, with custom marble furnishings and chandeliers to elevate the place. Cove lightings kept the place feeling warm and inviting, while comfy sofas ensured you’ll never want to leave.

Blog - KL City Centre 1

We combined two apartments to create this gorgeous space that came up to a total of 8,000 square feet. The brief was classic luxury, so we knew had to design a ‘wow’ home with modern touches. To create showroom-worthy spaces, we added carefully selected chandeliers not just in common areas but also in bedrooms. A mixture of recessed and cove ceiling lights gave out a soft warm glow to make the house feel like a home, while marble floorings gave it a luxury timeless feel.


Renovating and designing this start-up preschool involved many elements. As the structure was old, we had to demolish many walls to create wide, open spaces that children could enjoy. We also wanted to work within a budget so as not to over-tax this amazing start-up. High on our list was making sure everything was unique, cheerful and child-friendly. To achieve that, we painted colourful shapes and designs on the different walls to brighten up the space. The furniture chosen were all comfortable yet cute, with little extra touches like wavy tables. We also built a small playground with customised cushioned floors at the front of the school so the kids could have fun while at school.


Our client was an expat whose wife and daughter were mainly living abroad, so we had to design a house that was minimalistic enough for a man but still homey enough for a family. With that in mind, we created a lot of wide-open spaces in this gorgeous loft so there wouldn’t be a lot of clutter. We transformed the rooftop into an open-air lounge that the family could enjoy when they came to visit. And to make it extra welcoming for his daughter, we added whimsical little touches like a terrazzo bathroom wall and bright pops of colour for her bed and bathroom.

luxury interior design 21 - Inside Scoop

For this flagship ice cream store, we wanted to make sure it reflected the sweet vibes of the brand. The entire space was decorated in pastel shades and sunny yellows. We also customised a cosy communal table under a skylight so patrons could enjoy the natural light. As the pièce de résistance, the entire store is filled with Instagrammable spaces; from the cheerful swing set in the middle to the custom neon signs with cute messgaes.

Blog - W Residences 1

Our clients intended to start spending more time at home, and tasked us to style their apartment to make it even more comfortable and beautiful. Given that they were moved to Sentosa Cove, we immediately were inspired by nature, and decided to add pops of green. We installed a faux plant panel in the balcony that instantly changed the vibe of the home and made it more welcoming and soothing. Personalised art and seashells were placed throughout the house to complete the aesthetic.

luxury interior design 35 - beauty salon

Whenever we take on a project, we always strive to first understand our client’s needs and wants. Before we started work on this lifestyle space that offers personalised beauty experiences, we sat down with founder of cAL Calin, who shared with us that lifestyle was going to be key to this project and she even wanted a bar in the middle of the unit and an area for kids. We decided to take advantage of the skylight the shophouse offered and built a gorgeous bar back with light wood and textured tiles. We also added in arches and soft hues of dessert pink to reflect Calin’s beauty and robust personality.


This jet-setting family spends half their time abroad, which meant that it was important that their apartment not requite much maintenance since they would be away a lot. However, they still wanted their house to feel like a home. To create an urban oasis, we chose high quality pieces that added gravitas to the home. Exquisite ornaments made the argument for less is more, while pictures of the family decorated the walls. As our client works from home, his office was something we paid extra attention to, creating a fully custom desk that was personalised for his needs and comfort.

luxury interior design 23 - River Valley Office

The brief given to us by this branding company was to create a space for working, meetings as well as serve as short-term accommodations for overseas staff. We wanted a workspace that would allow people to chat and collaborate easily, so we designed an open concept area with bespoke desks for comfort. Sofas and communal tables gave off an easy ambience to encourage creativity, while powder coated black steel elements give the office a cool industrial vibe.


We were asked to style this luxurious holiday home for some special guests. As the property was already furnished, we did not want to waste any existing pieces that could be kept. We also wanted to ensure that this historical house kept its old world charm, so we needed to render the spaces cosy and liveable while still retaining its original spirit. We used a plethora of pillows and ornaments to brighten up the home and add colour and comfort. For the semi-formal tradition dining room, we installed a dramatic crystal chandelier and curtains that gave shine and depth to the dark space.

luxury interior design 1 - Japanese Association

Clubshops offer a large variety of products. The design has to be able to be easy to navigate while still highlighting products in their best light. Customers should be able to get what they need with ease while also be introduced to new products at the same time. The client had asked us to work on the new store design, style and Visual Merchandising Design for the store, so we recreated a modern yet luxurious interpretation of a Japanese supermarket, with neat shelves, tables for highlighting products and a chic cashier area.


This was a unique project for us as our client was an extremely busy businessman who was unable to spare the time for us to sit down and get to know him and his needs face-to-face, so we had to work off a deck of requirements. It was essential to our client to have a soothing space to come back to after a hectic day at work, so we went for a contemporary colour palette of blues and cream to create a relaxing background, with mustard accents to brighten up the home and reflect the beautiful view of the Tokyo Bay from his windows. Touches of greenery here and there added a feeling of peacefulness and restfulness to the home.


We were asked to design this takeover space while still being budget friendly. To achieve that, we concentrated on what would make the most impact for a Japanese restaurant. We created a bespoke signage of the restaurant’s logo, with vivid red backdrop. We also added a dramatic pendant light in the private dining area. We created a wooden table for the counter seats, while traditional Japanese art and Bonsai were added to enhance the ambience.


While this project started out as a styling job for a child’s bedroom and rooftop, it soon evolved into a full renovation. A growing boy needs a space that he not only sleeps in, but can also study and play in. To keep the vibe fun and engaging, we used acrylic to create a custom toy storage that surrounded his desk. As our clients love to entertain, we converted their rooftop into an ultra chic open-air bar and dining space made with dark woods and grainy marbles. We even commissioned a beer table with a cavity that could double up as a chiller bucket. Last but not least, in homage to our client’s culture, we completed the design with a selection of Danish furniture.

luxury interior design 6 - Roppongi Office

When we designed and built this office space for an investment company, we knew we wanted to focus on practicality and function, with less distractions to take the focus off their work. Because of that, we kept to clean lines and minimalist interiors. We commissioned custom cabinetry and desks according to what the client needed most, while also creating a meeting area in the corner to maximise the use of space.


As our clients were busy professionals, they had not yet had a chance to make their space their own despite having lived there for a few years. Because of this, they asked us to style their house into a home. We wanted to create a quirky, colourful space that felt like them, so we filled the huge living room with their existing furniture from other rooms. To honour their heritage, we incorporated Indian-inspired pieces throughout. As a final touch, gorgeous potted plants helped to make the entire house an inviting place that the family could gather in.

featured image - eco city

We were hired to create a Design Sales gallery with four show apartments. To reflect the image and concept of the developer’s product offering, the gallery’s exterior used greyge sleek frames, with large winows to showcase the openess. The double-height sales gallery was tied together with vertical fins and travertine cladded columns. A calculated open spacing was located at the centre to allow the hosting of various events, accompanied by the cocktail bar area on the side. Led by the angled marble staircase, various rooms for meeting and closing are located at L2, as well as office and staff rooms.

featured image - four seasons residences

The client had purchased this luxurious service apartment in the heart of Kuala Lumpur for investment purposes, and had tasked us to furnish it prior to putting it on the market. With this in mind, we knew that we had to make this 2,000 square foot condominium a stunner that would entice anyone. Keeping in mind that many potential buyers would visit the home, we used fabrics and materials that were durable and easy to clean, yet still aesthetically appealing, to create a cool, sophisticated showroom.

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At the beginning of every project we like to understand our clients’ intentions, passions and requirements, often filling in gaps that they might not have been aware of and bringing to the table ideas that they may not have considered. It is through this free flowing dialogue that we are better able to understand our clients’ vision and ultimately translate it into beautiful design.

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At the beginning of every project we like to understand our clients’ intentions, passions and requirements, often filling in gaps that they might not have been aware of and bringing to the table ideas that they may not have considered. It is through this free flowing dialogue that we are better able to understand our clients’ vision and ultimately translate it into beautiful design.

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