Most Popular Colour Palettes NEW April 2022 – Nanas Interior Design

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Seek the best interior design colours for your home?

Check out these colour palettes from Top interior designers and owners to find out what you love.

Read on as you may discover inspiration in your floor plan and modern luxury interior design for your residential or commercial projects.

We have compiled another 5 colour combinations to liven up your atmosphere.

Most Popular Colour Palettes NEW April 2022 - Nanas Interior Design | Nanas Interior Design Singapore

Gray+ Brown

The owner desired to remodel this upscale restaurant to get a more genuine, warming, and hospitable place where visitors enjoy spending time.
Thus, we designated a custom-made board that artistically conceals the existing glass window which shows the busy kitchen’s inside. Also, equipped with various unique Japanese-inspired ornamentation and artworks.
In conclusion for the boost on the dining experience, light fixtures were added to offer bright but cosy settings.

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Black + White

If you look for ideas of old world charm components when designing, check this fresh commercial owner out in the neighbourhood of Kampung Bahru.
Let us offer our respect to the Straits-Chinese heritage exteriors of the shop houses with dark woods and warm browns as the base of the interior, which feature arched windows and wooden louvred shutters.
Above all, top it with art deco pieces and a distinctive neon light with the brand’s logo give the area a modernized edge.

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ATTACHMENT DETAILS the-ice-cream-bar-glass-made-main-entrance-design



Most Popular Colour Palettes NEW April 2022 - Nanas Interior Design | Nanas Interior Design Singapore

Dessert Pink + Black

This is cAL Calin, the founder of this modern salon that offers personalised luxury treatments. In other words, she emphasised that lifestyle is a must for this project and even wanted a bar in the middle as an island place for kids. With that, we concluded the use of the shophouse’s skylight to create a beautiful bar back with light wood and textured tiles.

The thoughtful part is the application of arches and dessert pink to symbolise Calin’s beauty and robust personality.

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White + Pops of Color

Many factors went into renovating and designing this new preschool. Our team had to remove dozens of walls considering the age of the building to provide broad, open areas for the children to enjoy.
While we work within a budget so as not to overburden this incredible start-up, we still prioritised and assured everything was one-of-a-kind, cheerful, and child-friendly. To do this, we painted brightly coloured geometrical shapes on the main walls to liven up the site.

The furniture selected really was comfy yet lovely, with fine details such as wavy tables. In addition, we built a little playground in front of the school with custom padded ground so each kid can have fun while they’re going active.

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Most Popular Colour Palettes NEW April 2022 - Nanas Interior Design | Nanas Interior Design Singapore