How To Use Neutral Colours In Your Home

Taking on the task of choosing the colours for your new home can be an overwhelming task with so many things to consider. Should you use wallpaper? Should you paint? What paints go best with the furniture? How can you make your rooms feel bigger and more spacious? How do you create a sense of warmth in the spaces?

But don’t worry, we’re here to take the stress out of your home renovation with some easy ways to make the most out of the spaces you’re creating through neutral colours. But before we go into that, let’s talk about what neutral colours are exactly.

Neutral colours consist of black, white, brown, grey, and seemingly “colourless” shades in between that reveal their soothing, underlying tones depending on the light and environment. Common examples of those shades are beige, taupe, ivory, canvas, and tan but there are a ton of other options coming up that can reinvent the look of your home into that modern, luxurious utopia you’re envisioning.

So what are some ways to use neutral colours well in your home?

How To Use Neutral Colours In Your Home | Nanas Interior Design Singapore

Use It As A Base

Your base colour can mean the primary tone you use for the largest areas of your home like walls, built-in fittings, or large pieces of furniture. This colour will occupy the most visual space and can determine the vibe of your home.

For example, if you’re leaning towards a more industrial look, but are put off by the starkness of terracotta or iron black, a colour to consider is greige. A hot new colour in home interior design, greige is a gentle mix of beige and grey that can enhance minimalist designs celebrating metal and stone textures and tones.

Choosing a good neutral colour to function as the base of your home design can then help you determine how to insert pops of colour through art, carpeting, or even feature furniture pieces.

Light It Up

Nothing is more annoying than finding out the beautiful tan paint you chose at the store doesn’t work with the lighting you’ve chosen. Reds, warm browns, and yellows can look dull and tacky under fluorescent lights whereas incandescent bulbs can wash out blues and greens.

Here at Nanas Design, we’ve come up with a perfect solution to avoid the hair pulling that can come with matching the right lights to the right colours — colour-changing LEDs! Easily controlled with an app on your phone, these lights take the pain out of colour-light matching and even allows you to get creative with plain white walls!

Layer Your Neutrals

A good way to make sure your home’s interiors come together beautifully is to layer your neutral colours. Combining dark brown furniture with beige walls and accents of olive green and yellow can create a warm, mid-century feel. On the other hand, combining greige or grey walls with dark metal fixtures and accents of white in your furniture can establish a very modern, clean feel.

A good rule of thumb is to figure out what your style is, choose a base tone you’d like to work with, and build it up from there with your interior designers!

No matter what you choose to do with your neutrals, the most important thing is creating a space that makes you feel comfortable and gives you a sense of pride the minute you step into your home. If you’re looking other ways to incorporate neutral colours into your living spaces (or even your office and retail spaces!), drop us an email or message on WhatsApp and we’ll sit down with you to map out the home of your dreams!