How to Have Modern Luxury Interior Design for High-end Rooms

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When it comes to the words: modern and luxury, how to design our own Living room and bedrooms, people often link it to a refined and expensive lifestyle. Some of us thought it meant to be the use of clean lines, personal statement pieces, and the overall sense of comfort and elegance when we opt to utilise a contemporary luxury aesthetic in our home styling interiors. To summarise, most individuals regard modern luxury interiors as a status signal. It kind of reflects who you and I are from day to day.

Even so, just because it sounds costly, you don’t necessarily need to spend a fortune to get it, you just need to read blogs and research ideas or get a consultant and professional involved – Here are some suggestions and tips for creating the look of a modern luxury home design.

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Colours Pick – The Mix and Match

Starting with a basic colours palette, as with all home design ideas. Now, since you’re combining two modern and luxurious styles, you’ll get to know the colour relations.

  • Modern shades like grey, black, white, brown, taupe, beige, and even greige (a combo of grey and beige) represent examples of modern palettes. Metallic hues such as steel and platinum can also be used.
  • Luxurious colours can be metals like rose gold and gold. It shall be bright and striking, think reds, purples, teals, or even warm tones such as emeralds and topazes.

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Fabrics and Textiles

The selection of textiles connected with the concept is a vital consideration in modern luxury design. There are many materials to pick from silks to linens. The lasting materials consist of Cotton, linen, and silk, but also leathers and colored fibres, which will be used in modern luxurious design.

Use classic designs such as arabesque ogees, hound’s-tooth, Greek meander frets and light geometry on elements such as window curtains, sofa cushions, or even arm chairs and couches.
For a very modest yet exquisite addition, you may also use a carpet or rug made of finely woven fibres and arrange it on the floor, then place a sofa or a dining table on top of it. Take care not to overdo the textures as this may detract from the overall appearance.

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Nature Resources

Besides metal and gem colours, the key feature of the modern luxury homes interior is the application of natural materials such as wood, granite, stone, marble, and even concrete. The use of stone and natural components creates a bolder, more beautiful design. The nice aspect about having these features is that they will stay longer and they can be readily incorporated into various design styles. We are highlighting the versatility and practical use of household furniture and little items.
Why not use a comparable material, such as artificial granite or quartz stone, instead of genuine granite? They are both durable and will exude a clean, contemporary appearance. Marble painted accessories such as vases and trays, polished pebbles, carved minimalist wooden figurines, and even built-in concrete planters are all options. You may take it a step further by using wooden dividers as both an accent and a room divider.

Natural Wooden and Stone floor and wall ceiling