Christmas Decorating Ideas From Award-winning Interior Design firm in 2021

O Christmas Tree, o Christmas Tree, How about a twist on the color scheme?

It is that time of the year, just like every year we long for!

How do you celebrate your Home Holiday in Singapore, Tokyo, Kuala Lumpur and beyond every place in the world?

Getting friends over or spending the precious moment with your family together? 

No matter what you do, let us make the best out of it for this joyful event. 

Nanas Design quoting Ted Talks – Ideas worth spreading.

In this short 3 minutes article, we are certain some of you will find our thoughts helpful and inspiring, with our behind-the-scenes of recent projects.

Christmas Design


For years, the traditional and primary colors used for Christmas have been Red and Green.

Coming in with our client’s ambition of a snowy experience, the theme color idea is recreated using white and green. You may ask why, well in art principle, people appreciate the idea behind the craft, as it gives meaning and surprise in the sudden realization.

Christmas Tree Decorations 2
Christmas Tree Decorations 1
Christmas Decorations 3

For us all across Asia wide, the snowing season may be merely a colder summer to us. Under the scarcity of the feeling of real snow, the white theme can ultimately bring out the feel of a heavy, long-lasting snow even if one is not living or has yet to visit a snow country.

What is better, white carries out your personality and offers sophistication to the environment, it blends into the furniture and surrounding or stands out from it. Adding a little touch and twist, you can work the imagination from the walls, lighting, desks, and etc.

Without restriction to go full on white, a same color group or hue can be applied; the following range of Baby Blue, Fresh Water, Frozen Blue works wonders to the atmosphere you desire. Thus, the remaining part is to fill in character and delicate decorations to your liking, and voilà! There, a creation that is insta-worthy, go and impress your family and all your friends! Memories are worth creating and keeping.

Devoted to multinational cultures and actual artwork, we present to people the style of your design blueprint, application of the greatest sourcings and furniture.

As a result, making every visit to the room always a pleasant experience, even as a day-to-day encounter; in the office or your living space.

Christmas Decorations 2
Christmas Decorations 1

A space that once met, lingers and sticks in somebody’s mind.

Let’s Light-it-up, shall we? 

If you prefer and love a discussion over the aspects of your fascination, it is our honor and pleasure to do the favor.
Let us spark your dream and make it worth your time, because talk is free! 

Who knows, the next moment we realize, a masterpiece of your imagination is born.
Our satisfaction and momentum for ambitious businesses is boundless, providing clients’ extreme satisfaction and advantage to be with us.

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