An Urban Retreat | Nanas Interior Design Singapore


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This stunning Ardmore Residences apartment created by Nanas Design might look like a luxury showroom with its beautiful fixtures and gorgeous artwork, but is in fact the perfect oasis and home in the sky for a small family. Nanas Design believes in a thoughtful approach to design, incorporating both subtle sophistication with practical functionality to create homes that people can live, work and make wonderful memories in. To achieve that, the first step of their process is to understand what their clients are looking for, as well as what they truly need.

For this project, the client was a Japanese couple with a young daughter. Because of their lifestyle, they were looking for a ritzy space that was still child-friendly and bright. Another specific request was to use light hues, like white and beige.

“We always want to give our clients’ their heart’s desire, which is why we stuck to the beige-white theme as requested,” shares Saki Funayama, Chief Designer of Nanas Design. “However, we introduced layers of different textures and shades throughout the apartment to create depth. And not forgetting that this space is also a home for a little girl, we wanted it to be modern yet friendly and welcoming. So we added energising accent colours of bright orange throughout the home.”

Because of their belief in creating an entire holistic experience, Nanas Design not only worked on the renovation and furniture selection, but also carefully picked out every single gorgeous detail of the home. The team not only created custom cabinetry, they also decorated the space to elevate it into a hybrid gallery-home.
“We used a lot of Jonathan Adler products because of their quirky shapes and colours. Since the base colour is muted, we wanted to add curves and bold forms to lift the vibe and add playfulness to the space,” explained Saki. “We also selected earthy decors by HAY, and eccentric mirrors and furniture by B&B Italia and Minotti. The result is a home that is modern but not too edgy, which is a perfect balance for this project.”

As an extra special touch, the team even created personalised items like wine glasses and towels with the owners’ initials. “Our clients are cosmopolitan jet setters who love to travel and stay in the best hotels. However, due to the pandemic, they have been unable to do so for some time. So we wanted to bring the hotel experience to them,” said Mariko Konno, Director of Nanas Design.
One of the most exquisite spaces in this home is interestingly a private one. The bathroom is filled with charming art pieces while the attached walk-in wardrobe is decorated with a delightful lounge chair with lovely landscape pieces. “We wanted to make this intimate space one that, despite being eye-catching, could allow the family to feel utterly relaxed,” explains Mariko. “When we design a space we try to become them. And while aesthetics is paramount, functionality and flow lines are also of utmost importance to us.”