5 Tips for Modern Luxury Interior Design on Landed Home Renovation in Singapore

5 Tips for Modern Luxury Interior Design on Landed Home Renovation in Singapore | Nanas Interior Design Singapore

On a big scale difference from redesigning apartments and condominiums, owning a landed home is land ownership under your name where the house is built.

This crucial advantage of landed home ownership makes your high-end interior design free of limitations thanks to the ultimate space that is directly under yours. However, there are some elements to weigh in the process of styling the luxury at home. Let’s dive in further on the modern luxury interior design tips.

You should not compromise certain Sections of your landed property

Getting “the skin and interior of the house” right is one of the most important things. Water sealing, electricity wiring, and sewer drainage are all part of the deal.

  • No one wants their electrical output, say, near interior elements like the pillars.
  • It will affect the structural stability of a house. It’s also essential to think about safe practices like adding a rainwater drop to keep the water out.

The House’s Exterior space design.

Do you want something simple and classic? Pick among stone and paint materials to style the elements.

For a more refined appearance,  Marble and granite are ideal options for customised furniture and living room. Hardwood decking and green spaces are illustrations of things that feature the ambience in action but require a lot of overseeing.

Lighting style through your Window  

Go full-stack setting so it grants much light throughout your space. The only care you should attend to is the window and customised furniture placement because the temperature is high where there is a light shed on. Other than that, the good thing is the sense of more room, giving you a greater home feel and a wider look.

In addition to the heat from the light, heat absorbent blinds are recommended, even a customised remote motorized blind is available in case the family tech-savvy person. Otherwise, a see-through UV-blocking coating on the windows is a higher and better option.

Drainage or Irrigation

It is necessary to have a disparity in the height of the interior and exterior proper drainage. Home should avoid water entrance, rain drainage is required to be established for water from out.

But don’t fret, the refurbishment procedure in Singapore generally handle these items (as long as you verify the renovation packages and interior design you’re talking to).

The Stairways

The style of stairs you choose will be determined by the capabilities of the foundations. Cement steps were popular, but they add a massive amount of weight to the house. If that’s an issue, leather weight material stairs should be considered.

Making an extra level? It’ll have to be positioned such that everything merges in with the previous foundation structure. This will influence the position and design of the steps.