5 Ways to Boost The Look Of Your Home With Marble Styles

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We can all agree on Marble designs, it’s a timeless element. Marble accents are classic, adaptable, and everlasting. On a side note, Marble design can be inserted in a variety of ways. If you enjoy this material even more than we do, here are five ways to introduce it into your home style and living room space:

5 Ways to Boost The Look Of Your Home With Marble Styles | Nanas Interior Design Singapore

Marble Lines and Floor Design

Not only can marble type of floors look stunning but they may also be completed with a variety of different tile designs. Because marble is available in a variety of colours, you may eye the one that best matches your home design concept.

  • The Beige marble floor in this image is stunning and adds a qualitative edge to the modern motif.

Kitchen Part

The marble tone is an excellent choice for kitchen decor. It will add a luxurious look to the floor. This will exude a huge expression as a cabinet’s laminated surface. Contemplate the kitchen interior design to heighten the story and overall ambience of the space.

Trophy Wall

Trophy walls are indeed an excellent spot to refine your marble tiles. Truly a simple yet effective approach to creating an eye-catching display wall.
You can simply wrap up and infuse the elegance of Marble and high-end Wood to form a statement wall, these two materials enhance the quality and your personality,
you can then arrange and organize your Japanese Katana, Teapot collections, or any of your favourite antique-filled cabinet.

5 Ways to Boost The Look Of Your Home With Marble Styles | Nanas Interior Design Singapore

Bathroom Vanities as an Element

Ever stepped into an expensive hotel bathroom for a shower and instantly feel the glamorous and luxurious sensation? Bathroom vanities are another great spot to display your marble textures. They’re barely noticed, yet they have the biggest aesthetic effect in the room, doing the tricks on our body’s visual processor.
Furthermore, adding marble accents to the vanity can improve the overall atmosphere of a tiny bathroom.

Book Cabinet or Coffee Table

Marble textures lend supremacy and royalty to an interior design. As a result, they make ideal coating materials for bookshelves.
Imagine incorporating your bookshelves with pitch-black or beige and white marble lines, you will be moved by the extraordinary outlook!