4 Tips on Modern Luxury Interior Design on High End Bungalows

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Modern Interior Design Singapore Bedroom

It can be tough to create a high-end aesthetic in your home, particularly when a limited decorating budget stands. Fortunately, there are ways for you to get the high-end interior design with the luxurious feel you crave. As time rolls on, interior designers shared their tips to help homeowners idealize and realize how to make their homes look stunning without a hole in their pocket. Fundamentally, you are to be aware of new curtains, a fresh coat of wall paint, fresh pieces of furniture and hardwood flooring.

Here are 7 top tips for home styling. Keep on reading – be ready to surprise your guests with these simple tricks to make your interior design a luxury one.

Wall Paint Colour

When elegance is your goal, you can have hues that bring the phenomenon to your house in a move. Choose between two colour schemes: immense and theatrical or light and quiet tones. Because these allow you to polish your house in a totally different box.

Yet, Paint colour is one of the most difficult decisions to make when designing a space, particularly if the rest of the décor is centred on the colour pallet. Your selections are fully based on your colour personality. Another ideal piece of advice is to paint inside doors black. The black colour renders an expensive look without overspending. Just remember to top up some same tone and black accessories to the area to bring everything together.

Cushions for Style & Warmth

Cushions in a house offer two roles. First, when you do it right, it may boost the overall aesthetic ratio. Secondly, these pillows grant your visitors a little comfortable seating on the sofa they can adjust and bring your interiors a wonderful, nested appearance. If you choose pillows that are large enough to relax on and soft, the comfort factor speaks for itself.
When it comes to weight, you may avoid the normal range of 12 to 18 inches for a throw pillow. Instead, go for something greater, like a 22-inch pillow cover filled with 24-inch fillings. Giant, puffy pillows create a luxurious, sophisticated look, and tend to not degrade or deflate on the inserts; down-filled is the best route to go.

4 Tips on Modern Luxury Interior Design on High End Bungalows | Nanas Interior Design Singapore Lighting is Fundamental to your Interior Design

Most contractors will go for basic lighting fixtures, which they have most likely used in all of the homes they have built. Designer lights, on either hand, can add greater elegance to your room than a basic chandelier. Luckily, there are a few tricks you can apply to achieve a high-end aesthetic while paying a price worth your while. Begin by browsing through thrift shops and second-hand shops. You will get a one-of-a-kind masterpiece at a decent cost. Some pieces may require a little polishing or fresh coat work, and they may look like a million dollars for just a few hundred dollars.

4 Tips on Modern Luxury Interior Design on High End Bungalows | Nanas Interior Design Singapore

Wooden Floor instead of Carpet

While wall-to-wall carpeting in a home is toasty warm, it lacks the refinement of the firm, crafted hardwood flooring. Hardwood has a timeless, classy appearance and is relatively inexpensive for living room interior design ideas. A good investment in the most basic interior design steps is the floor you will take on every day. Hardwood lasts a long time and delivers a good return, notably if you want to resell your house. On a side note, the other choice is laminate, but be sure you select the best laminate on the market to ensure long-term quality. In truth, if the vote is between laminate and plush carpeting, we suggest over the plush carpet. Why pick Hardwood Floor over Laminate Wood Flooring.

To get the most value for money, try different grades of wood, their prices outrange each other. Birch and oak, for example, are often a better deal than cherry. Additionally, try finding a dark tone for a more rich style, you can also get a number of rugs and complete the whole room together top to bottom.

4 Tips on Modern Luxury Interior Design on High End Bungalows | Nanas Interior Design Singapore