4 Steps for your Luxury Interior Modern Home Design

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Out of Ideas and need a professional Singapore Interior Design company to your aid?

Here we have home designers capable of life-changing interiors design, offering you soon-to-be owners with fitting knowledge in luxury home decor in Singapore.

Whether your renovation date and design idea must be completed before your Open House, or you plan on buying and reselling with a new makeover first, these are the items you can cross off the list as you go.

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Most premium establishments choose neutral paint tones such as stark white, rich creams, or subtle browns to cover their walls over. These colours provide a serene, calm, and elegant mood while also emphasising beautifying and broadening rooms. Neutral walls complement nearly all colour schemes, expanding your creative possibilities; creamy coatings generally match flora, which can be used to enliven up a sense.

cream white paint color bedroom

Adjust your Lighting

Buying proper lighting stands as number one to level up your home's interior design. Everyone is missing out on smart light dimmer that can adjust the lighting brightness level and colors management; they render powerful mark on the aura of your house.
Creative lighting can enhance the entire furniture impression, widen your overall view, and highlight to strong elements you wish to portray, for example, it can be an art piece or a comfort corner.

living room apartment HDB lighting design


Affluent homes are usually clean and well maintained, whether or not it's owing to the person who cares for them. Maintaining a house without the help of a maid, on the other hand, is not always a burden; just moving your stuff can reduce clutter and provide open space within an interior. Integrate exquisite bowls into your décor, for instance, and use them to group together tiny stuff that would otherwise clutter the place. Gadgets, towels, and other household items can be stored in woven buckets, which act as both storage and unintentional decoration. Use rich fabrics in white, gold, and platinum for the lining. Always Declutter before Decorating.

lined basket for declutter and organize bedroom

Get the Greenery Work

Greenery and live plants provide motion to a place all while creating a calm, inviting vibe. Natural elements, such as flower vases, and acorns, with wooden sticks, may rejuvenate interiors without using indulgent items; reminiscent of modern luxury trends. Placing live plants in space may also offer natural freshness, and floral centerpieces may look pricy - but they add great sophistication to a room.

Design for HDB Flat indoor balcony